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Meditation and Healing in One on One Sessions – Currently via Zoom

  • Personalised meditation sessions can be a powerful catalyst for

    life-changing healing.

Meditation can bring you to a place of peace and calm where your whole being becomes profoundly relaxed. It is in this space where your body’s physiology and energy is most conducive to healing, restoration and transformation. This healing can occur on many levels of the mind, body and spirit and can support and nourish you throughout birth preparation, pregnancy, and post-natal care. It can be supportive in the management of stress and anxiety, sleeping disorders, and overall health and wellness. Meditation can bring about increased creativity and clarity of thought, improved physical energy and motivation, and access to a greater sense of calm and inner peace.
A meditation healing session for mothers can be incredibly nourishing and healing for many of the challenges of preconception, pregnancy, birth and parenting. It can assist you in finding the quiet space needed to access your own inner wisdom and self knowledge, and to shift your thoughts and perceptions around particular events of the past or fears and worries about the future. It can support you to become a more relaxed, happy, healed, capable, flourishing mamma. It can support you to learn how to ‘let go’, become more present and enjoy the experience of motherhood so much more.
In a healing meditation session you will be held in a space of deep, heart centered listening, allowing you to turn inwards and give yourself the space to contemplate any particular challenges or frustrations, patterns, stories and beliefs, goals, visions or dreams you may be sitting with or experiencing. I will then lead a guided meditation that reflects your found intention or focus for the session, creating a safe, quiet and healing space where you can let go, deepen your reflection, gain insights and understanding, manifest and transform your state of being in whichever way you feel guided to do so. I will hold space for you to do the healing. The shifts that can occur during or following a session can be unseen, gentle, subtle or subconscious, through to big wake up calls, light bulb moments and dynamic shifts in your energy.
I have had a meditation practice for over twenty years. I am a Reiki Master, hold a Certificate in Meditation Teaching and Holistic Human Development, and a graduate of the School of Shamanic Womancraft.


Please see the ‘about’ section of my website for more of my story.

I would be deeply honoured to hold space for you to experience a healing meditation, and to support you in finding ways to bring meditation, mindfulness and magic into your life.


Sessions are via Zoom and are $100 for one hour. Concession available.


Please email  for all bookings or inquiries.
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