Meditation for Mothers

Hello and welcome! Growing Calm offers courses and ‘one on one’ sessions sharing meditation and mindfulness practices to help with the balance between honouring your inner life and the demands of motherhood.
“Meditation is here and now, amid the ups and downs of life, amidst conflicts, disappointments, heartaches, joys, success, and stress of living. It is amidst chaos that we need to practice mindfulness to find peace within ourselves…”
Dr. Thynn Thynn

Finding Calm, Meditation in Motherhood Four Week Online Course via Zoom

Finding Calm is a course for mums who would like to learn how to meditate, or mums who would like to deepen their experience of meditation and mindfulness as it unfolds throughout their motherhood journey.

Meditation and Healing – One on One sessions via Zoom

Personalised meditation sessions can be a powerful catalyst for life-changing healing. Meditation can bring you to a place of peace and calm where your whole being becomes profoundly relaxed. It is in this space where your body’s physiology and energy are most conducive to healing, restoration and transformation.

About Elizabeth

Pursuing knowledge of the body, mind and spirit through dance, spiritual practice, and service to others have been my passions for many years.  I am a certified Meditation Teacher holding a Certificate in Meditation and Holistic Human Development from the International Meditation Teachers and Therapists Association (IMTTA). I live in the Inner West with my husband and two wild young boys.