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Monday Night Meditation for Mothers and Care Givers – Online via Zoom.

This is an opportunity to journey through the year experiencing meditation and mindfulness techniques, deepening your understanding, awareness and connection to your Self, and cultivating the way you want to grow, live and love in 2021.
As an ever transforming human in an ever changing world, a meditation practice is a magnificent way to provide the space for you to regularly let go and de-stress, reflect, reset, realign and nurture your Self and your intentions.
Each week the overall intention is to work with a gentle and nurturing breath, create a state nourishing relaxation, and to calm and quieten our busy multi tasking minds. I work with mindfulness and meditation techniques that we will revisit over the weeks so you can become familiar with them, gathering tools to use in your own practice, and throughout your day of care giving.
In amongst building on foundational meditation and mindfulness techniques, I shift the focus week by week, working with and drawing inspiration from various wisdom traditions, our connection to our internal cycles, lunar cycles and the seasonal cycles of the earth. I also spend time sharing and reflecting on our role, goals and challenges as conscious parents and care givers and how we can apply the awareness and awakening that can occur in meditation, to our relationships with those we love and care for.
The classes are open to anyone identifying with being on the motherhood journey. Mothering and caring comes in many forms – future mothers, pregnant women, parents, grandmothers, nannies or care givers… anyone who is living or working with the demands of caring for others, and who may need to consciously seek a little more nourishment to maintain a healthy sense of wellbeing.
Mothers and care givers generally may not always have the space to meditate alone or for long periods of time. I focus on techniques and practices that can be done in small moments with or without children, and can be integrated into your day.
No experience of meditation is necessary, and no need to move any further than your own bed! The class goes from 8 till 8.45 and you can join from anywhere in the world. I can send you the replay if you don’t make it or the time difference doesn’t work for you.
It’s by donation and you can do one or all of the classes, or come and go as many times as you like over the year (for details on how to donate via PayPal, please scroll to the bottom of this page).
To book in please email and I will send you the Zoom link.
Please be in touch with any questions or if you would like to check in about what your situation is, and if this aligns with what I’m offering.
(Consult your medical specialist if you have significant mental or physical health conditions to make sure that meditation is okay for you. Please email me if you have any concerns before booking.)
The recordings from Finding Calm are available (see below). Please contact me and I can send you the links. 
My next online course will be a little later in 2021. Please email me if you are interested in joining.

Finding Calm, Meditation in Motherhood Four Week Online Course via Zoom

Whatever stage of motherhood you are at, knowing how to meditate is potentially life-changing wisdom.

Finding Calm is a course for mums who would like to learn how to meditate or mums who would like to deepen their experience of meditation and mindfulness as it unfolds throughout their motherhood journey.
Motherhood is incredibly challenging, awe-inspiring, magical, heartbreaking, and deeply transformative. Knowing how to meditate and having an awareness of how to move through your day mindfully, can help you surf the ups and downs and stay connected to your ‘self’ throughout the motherhood journey. It can support you to keep your nervous system regulated during the low and stressful times, and it can support you to feel more joy in the many small and big miraculous moments of mummy life.
Meditation in motherhood needs to be adaptable, responsive and opportunistic! You won’t always be sticking to a predetermined schedule, and you won’t always get to have a daily uninterrupted practice sitting in peace on your meditation cushion. But with a commitment to practice in some way every day, you can find your flow and feed it into your day naturally when moments arise.
Over the weeks we will
  • – Learn foundational meditation techniques to begin your daily practice
  • – Learn practices that will relax, nourish and care for you
  • – Get inspiration and ideas on how you can incorporate these practices into your life with your little humans in tow
  • – Explore practices that cultivate consciousness and mindfulness in the way you approach parenting and the way you live your life.

Meditation brings more consciousness, presence and connection to your ‘self’, your loved ones and the world around you. The magic of this process will flow on to benefit many areas of your life, and many dimensions of your wellbeing.

Please email with any inquiries:

The course is offered via donation.

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Before Your Session

After you have booked your session, I will send you the Zoom link.


For the session, please have water or a cup of tea handy.


Have a cushion to sit on and a blanket or wrap to keep warm.


To support you to create a sacred space for yourself in your home, if you would like to include a candle, incense, oils, crystals or any other items you may wish to bring to help you create the atmosphere you want in the room you are in – all optional.


Babies and children very welcome to be present or come and go from the session. Most of us are familiar with how Zoom works these days – I’ll be grateful if you could just mute your mic if your little ones are getting loud.


If you have any questions or require further info please email me and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can.
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