Finding Calm

A Six-Week Course

Meditation for Mothers

These classes are an offering for…
  • Mammas who are absolute beginners with no experience of Meditation
  • Expectant Mammas seeking peace and calm for themselves and their growing baby, and a tool kit of skills and wisdom ready for bubs arrival in the world
  • Mammas who have a spiritual practice of some kind that they have struggled to maintain in Motherhood
  • Mammas who have a spiritual practice and are looking for ways to integrate this with their experience of Motherhood
  • Mammas looking for ways to combat some of that creeping anxiety and stress commonly associated with managing a small human
  • Mammas who are feeling isolated and are seeking connection and inspiration
  • Mammas seeking a Mothers’ Group with a difference
They will learn meditation and experience mindfulness techniques to integrate immediately into their life including;
  • Correct breathing
  • How to release tension and ease stress and anxiety
  • Techniques to quieten and focus a busy multi tasking mind
  • Gratitude and Loving Kindness practices
  • Ways to cultivate positivity and more energy in your day
Flowing on from these practices we will arrive at moments of stillness and calm allowing clarity of thought, insights, creative flow, and inspiration to arise. The group will share, discuss and investigate ways to create more awareness and consciousness around daily parenting decision making, setting goals and managing challenges.
Within the weekly practice we will bring our awareness to the interplay and influence of the seasonal cycle, the lunar cycle, and our internal cycles.
Some practices only take minutes but can make the world of difference to your wellbeing. Mammas will leave the space feeling nurtured, energised, calm and positive in their own heart, ready to let that flow on to their family and beyond.


The type of meditation practised in class doesn’t come from any one particular Tradition or follow a particular technique. I work with many tools, methods and practices that I have experienced over the years and they include, with gratitude, many aspects of Buddhist Wisdom, earth based connection and wisdom, as well as movement, breath and energy work.

Your Baby

Bubs in arms welcome. Once they are on the move it will be best to change to the Saturday class (beginning mid March 2020, see Classes and Workshops below) where bub can hang with a partner or other guardian for the duration of the class. If Mammas are bringing a baby to the Tuesday class, please bring a blanket to lie bub on and all they may need for feeding, settling, changing etc. It’s totally fine that all of this will take place in the class (it’s all a part of the practice!) We are all Mums and understand the needs of bubs!

When and Where?

11 – 12.30pm starting Tuesday the 4th of February for six weeks.
Following this a new six week course will begin on the Tuesday the 28th of April.
Newtown Anglican Church, Church Street Newtown. Lower Hall located behind the main hall. Enter through the gate to the right of the hall, walk to the back of the building and you will see a door to the Lower Hall.


$130 investment for the six weeks. Concession available on request.

What to bring

Bring water and a notebook and pen. Wear comfortable clothes for sitting and relaxing.


If you have any questions about the course, require further information about what I can offer, or have any questions about the practicalities of bringing your baby to class, please email me! I will do my very best to accommodate your needs and answer questions as soon as possible.

Please share with other Mammas.